About me

I started this blog in 2010 when I was 15 (I'm now 23....maths), as a way of something to do and look forward to while I was ill for 1.5 years. Instantly after starting the blog I fell in love with the satisfaction of baking, photographing and blogging and it started to become a routine which I tried to continue as much as I could.

Since then, fortunately my health has gotten a lot better, although I'm still not quite there and 7.5 years have passed of me trying to get myself to the point of having a healthy lifestyle. But baking seems to soothe out my worries and to be honest (although it sounds quite corny), I find a lot of happiness from simply whipping a chocolate cake mixture up and throwing it in the oven! I think food is an amazing thing - desserts especially, and I love sharing my interest with others.

I moved to Australia from England. I was born in Cardiff, Wales and then moved to London. Finally, my family decided the dreary weather just wasn't tickling their nuts so they decided to jet over to Aus..as you do!

Currently, I'm completing my Law degree (LLB) at Monash University in Melbourne.  I also have a major in Sociology. I've taken the plunge and moved here by myself while my parents and big sis are still in Perth. I've been in Melbourne for just over 3 years now and it honestly is one of my favourite cities in the world.
However, trying to bake in a tiny apartment is super hard and my sink is not nearly big enough to hold and clean all my caked up utensils. But I do try to bake in between balancing Law, maintaining a (relatively, lol) clean apartment and laughing at my own jokes.

This blog is something I mainly just do for myself as I find the whole process quite cathartic and it acts as a bit of down time for me.