07 March, 2011

Nearly Vegan Nutmeg Cookies

I'm super stressed about school.  I had 3 assignments due last week, lost one due to the schools shitty computer back up memory thing, and my teacher is a bitch and only gave me a one night extension.  Cooool life.
Anyway, I found at least 4 white hairs on my  head in the past 2 weeks, and my appearance is starting to take an effect on all this homework.  And I kinda think my baking ability has as well... let's not get into that right now, I don't wan't to scare you off... just finish reading the post.

God, I'm becoming abusive to my readers.  What the hell is this!?

I read the recipe and I thought it didn't have any sugar in it?  (Note: This stress is turning me old, ie. white hair, bad eyesight etc.)  So I just put in 1 Tablespoon of caster sugar into the dry mix, and it precisely tells you to use icing sugar and mix it in with the oil.  Lawl.  Ma bad.

This is a simple biscuit method.  Dry ingredients, one bowl.  Wet ingredients, another bowl.  Mix together and turn into a dough.  Knead, cut and bake. Simple easy peasy!  Oh and by the way I modified the recipe and got rid of the cumin seeds in there... who the hell puts cumin seeds in biscuits?  And added 1 teaspoon, well 2, weeeell, I actually added 3, but nutmegs really good for you, right?

Bee Tee Dubzzz, I said this is kind of Vegan, because you can just get rid off the egg and use an egg substitute powder. And, theres no butter or milk, only oil.

Nearly Vegan Nutmeg Cookies
- 2 cups Plain flour
- 1/2 cup oil (I used Sunflower)
- 1 Egg
- 1/4 cup Icing (powdered) sugar
- 3 tsp ground nutmeg
- 1 tsp baking powder
- 1/2 tsp salt


Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
Sift plain flour, baking powder, nutmeg powder and salt into a large bowl. In a separate bowl, combine oil, egg and sugar. Mix well then put the dry ingredients in, also adding 3 Tb water. Mix and knead until fully incorporated. I used a standing mixer.. soo much easier! Roll Tablespoons of dough onto sheet and flatten slightly with the back of the spoon. Place at least 4 cm apart and bake for 10-15 mins until golden brown.

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Zoe said...

You've got interesting blog. I'm happy to follow your blog for more of your creative food ideas :D