06 April, 2010

Tips For Anything and Everything!

- Whenever baking cookies, pressing the cookies down on the pan will cause them to be more chewy when you take them out of the oven. while leaving them in a ball to melt in the oven will result in a more crunchy crumbly cookie.

- Whenever reading a recipe to make something, try and really read into it, i know that sounds stupid, but actually thinking about how you are going to assemble your ingredients or melt your butter (or whatever) really helps you in the kitchen and your more efficient and in control.

- When a cake is done, it will do three things:
- The cake will shrink slightly from the sides of the pan
- When touched the cake will spring back up lightly
- And when a skewer is inserted into the cake, it will come out clean.

"What do I do if my cake is browning but not actually cooking?"

If your cake is blackening really quickly and you are having a panic attack that its going to burn and not actually cook, then heres what to do. Cover the cake with thick foil (put about 2-3 sheets of foil over) and lower the temperate in the oven. The cake should cook inside without actually burning ontop.

- Always preheat the oven about 20 mins before you put anything in.

- When a recipe asks for a mixture to 'cool', make sure it cools! Putting a hot mixture in to the cake could cause eggs to scramble, and your left with a mess.

- When whipping egg whites make sure everything is oil or butter free. Wash your beater before you start whipping and wash your bowl! Any drop of oil that is mixed accidently with the egg whites could cause it not to whip into a fluffly mixture.

- Use the baking pan sizes as specified in the recipe

_ Try and be inventive! You dont have to follow the recipe exactly, instead of chocolate chip cookies, substitute the chcolate for something like nuts or glaced ginger.



Paaka Shaale said...

Great tips very helpful for a baking novice like me :)

coco-pistachio said...

Thankyou so much for taking the time to leave a comment, it made my day, literally :)