15 January, 2011

Quick Coconut Bread Slice

Okay, this took me literally 2 minuites! How often is it that you find a recipe that takes 2 minuites to throw together? Zilch. None. Okay.. very rare. But seriously, there is 4 ingredients in this bread/cake.
And I can eat it. (Whoo!).

Enough with the celebration, and time for the eating.
I just typed in 'coconut bread' into Google, and up came recipes calling for 2 eggs. But I only had one egg. Yea.. Awkward.
So I scrolled down this time (I'm not ususally one for scrolling down the Google pages.. because let's be honest.. you only look at the Top 5 results shown) and came across this little beauty. I really shouldn't be praising this bread just yet, because it's actually still in the oven.

It takes 40 minuites to cook, which kind of makes up for that 2 minuites rush of prepping the thing.

Talking about 4 ingredients, theres actually a book/show of two Australian women who have devised the most amazing recipes out of just 4 ingredients. The website is amazing, and all the ingredients are in the pantry or in the fridge. Frickin' bonus!

I just took it out, and tried it, and it tasted really raw inside, so I just threw it back into the oven to cook a bit more inside...aaand that didn't really cook inside. So I just gobbled it up before anyone could notice.

Coconut Bread Slice
- 1 cup of dessicated coconu
- 1 cup SR flour
- 1/2 cup caster sugar
- 3/4 cup milk

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees celcius
Combine all the dry ingredients together, and mix. When all combined, add in the milk and stir. The mixture should be a very thick coconutty mixture. Throw the mixture into a greased loaf pan and cook for 40 mins until a knife comes out clean.

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Raspberry Recipes at Raspberry Depot said...

WOw...just came across your site! Very nice! Love the unique background of the blog (strawberries)...very different!

Interesting that honey never spoils, but I beleive it...if you would see our honey jar when it is almost empty...all the bread crumbs, bits of toast, butter, etc....and yup, it never went bad on us!:)