23 November, 2010

Homemade Bread

Not everyday is great...for example, I've got 2 exams tomorrow.. negative.
I'm feeling tired and unmotivated to study... negative.
And I'm craving something sweet, even though I haven't even had dinner yet...Definate negative.

I'm stressing so badly for tomorrows exams. Chemistry and Biology. Mmm.. Biologys not too bad, but Chemistry? Kill yourself, ecspecially if your studying Organic Chemistry.
I can't even hear what the teachers saying half the time, it seems to come out in a totally different language, and when she makes eye contact with me, I just give a quick nod as if to mean that I understood everything she just said.

Which I totally didn't. Now I'm regretting not trying to understand her scientific language.. because if I didn't already say.. I'VE GOT AN EXAM TOMORROW!

To other news.. a couple of days ago I made a Cinnamon Date loaf of bread, and forgot to post, because I was studying Chemistry. Note the sarcasm.

Anyway, I'm trying to cheer myself up by listening to some Glee songs, and a few Dana Glover hits.
Yes, sad I know, I'm totally self loathing.. but what am I supposed to do?

My Chemistry teacher is going to hate me forever.
On a lighter note.. try this.

Please, do it for me and my Chemistry exam. I'm so not motivated to study.. soooo.. Facebook? Gosh I'm so slack.

The recipe will be posted soon .. but til them I'm enjoying the freedom of not having to study for exams!

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