29 November, 2010

A Very Berry Trifle

My sister's 20th birthday was on the weekend and I made a sisterly 'Bed in Breakfast' for her. I'm such a saint sometimes, I owe that much to myself.

I awoke on a early sunny Sunday morning, and started off with her standard cereal;
- Kellogs' Corn Flakes
- Or Kellogs' Crunchy nut (my sister is very fussy when it comes to food, her standards have to be met)
- Covered with a drizzly dollop of honey
That was easy. I also chopped up some banana to try and make the tray look fairly presentable, I didn't want her to think I hadn't put in much effort.
And oh, just a little note; I went to sleep at about 11 the night before. And. I. Need. My. Sleep.
I decided to go with something quick and jazzy I had seen on TV before, with frozen berries, cream and biscuits. But we didn't have any cream in the house so I just left that out and carried on with the beautiful berries and biscuits.
Easily whizzing some frozen berries and crumbling some broken biscuits might just prove to be my new found temptation.

Very Berry Trifle

-100g Frozen Berries (Your choice)
- 3 Tb Icing Sugar
- 1/2 cup Whipped Cream
- 100g Digestive biscuits or plain wheat biscuits
Place frozen Berries and Icing sugar into a processor/blender and process. Process until liquified.
Seperatly, crush Digestive biscuits until finley crumbed and place into bottom of wine glass. Whip cream and 2 more Tablespoons of icing sugar and dollop ontop of biscuit mixture in wine glass, then ontop, pour the Berry sauce and repeat layers until the glass if full, or until desired.


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