19 December, 2010

Hallo Summerrrrrr!

Hey summer how are you?

Welcome. Please fill my December, January and February with warmth. But don't get too hot. Cos otherwise I will die. Literally.

I hate it when you get over 25 degrees, I can't handle it, and I go all sweaty and then sweat goes on my head, then it messes up my hair and my hair actually springs into an afro. Not pretty to look at.

So you get my drift, warm, to make up from those cold cold freezing months, but not to hot so that I regret wanting to have you make me warm. Comprende?

To make sure summer keeps you happy, entice your tastebuds. These recipes are tried, true and tusted, by the one and only me of course. With the exception that I can't eat any of course.. but their trusted.

Watermelon granita? To keep your insides as cool as a cucumber?
Blackberry Icecream cutsey of cutest cones? To bring bounce in to your berries?.. um, wow, that kind of sounded a bit like a soft porno.
You know what I mean.

Orrr.. just a simple fruit salad? Rustle up some chopped fruits, bung it into a salad bowl. Walla, a rainbow flavoured fruit salad.

If you're not really into that whole fruit fiesta thing. Indulge in something creamy but cold. 2 simple words.
A Cheesecake. Light, cold creamy with a hint of citrus.

Pistachio Fudge keeps sooo well in your freezer, I don't understand how this couldn't come under this sunny category. The coldness of the freezer maintains that fudgy grainy texture thats happening in the fudge.

Summer's happening. Be prepared. Go outside, enjoy the warmth of the grass tickling your feet, the beam of sun on your face...

LOL Joke, I'm staying inside this summer. Air conditioning and all, full blast.

P.s Have a fab Chrissy!

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