06 December, 2010

Le Cheesecake

One of my really good friends is going to France as an exchange student, for 2 months! I really don't want her to go as it's summer, and it's totally the time for picnic-ing, beaching (even thought I hate the beach) and shopping. But.. sadly she will be in lovley France smooching some amazing French boy.

I'm so jealous. Yes I admit it.
 Her apartment is two streets away from the Eiffel Tower! I can't beleive it!
I went over yesterday to give her a plane letter that I had written (it was pretty funny) so she could read it while cruising over the Indian Ocean to get to the Oh La La central capital of the world.

I decided to give her I'll-miss- you- for- two -months-please-dont-get-a-French-boyfriend present. So I decided to go with the classic cheesecake. She hates chocolate you see.
I know, I nearly had a heart attack when she told me. Who doesn't love chocolate? But then again.. who couldn't resist a dedecant creamy cheesecake with a buttery biscuit base?
- Okay I'm drooling now. I better get on with it.
I decieded to add a little nutmeg to the base of the Cheesecake to try and give the cake it bit more punch, and it sort of gave it a more hearty warmer feeling? Ya'know? Like the taste of gingerbread cookies at Christmas time. It is getting closer to the festive season, so thats probably why I went with the whole spice thing.

Le Cheesecake
-125g Digestive Biscuits
- 75g Butter
- 300g Cream Cheese (Philidelphia)
-60g Icing sugar
-1tsp Vanilla essence
- A spritz of lemon
- 250ml Double cream

Throw in the digestive biscuits and the room temperature butter into a food processor. Process until finely crumbed, and moist and sandy. Press mixture into a 24cm springform pan and refrigerate.
In a bowl, whip together the Cream cheese, the Icing sugar, the spritz of lemon and the vanilla essence until all combined and until the mixture is a beautiful creamy color.
In a seperate bowl, pour in the Double cream and whip until slightly thick. Be sure not to overmix!
Slowly fold in the Cream cheese mixture and the double cream mixture and dollop lightly onto the biscuit base.
Refridgerate for 3 hours or overnight. Top with your favrioute jam, or fruit pulp when served.

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